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At Caminez & Yeary, we are dedicated to providing our clients a first-class legal representation with a hometown feel. With offices in Monticello and Tallahassee, we have served injury victims and their families throughout North Florida for over 40 years. Our attorneys will work closely with you to achieve your goals. We have the experience and resources necessary to fight the big insurance company and get you the compensation you deserve.

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Our approach to representing accident victims is simple – we put your needs first. With attention and compassion we guide you through the personal injury claim process from start to finish. The insurance company will fight to keep from paying you a fair settlement. There are many ways they attempt to discredit you and attack your claim. We will help you avoid falling into these traps thereby maximizing the value of your claim.


There are plenty of options available when it comes to personal injury attorneys. The question becomes, “What sets Caminez & Yeary apart from the others?” The answer lies in our focus on putting the client’s interest before our own. Our primary mission is to help people. Many attorneys may say this, but when push comes to shove they seem to take the lion’s share of the settlement. Ask yourself – is this fair? At Caminez & Yeary, the client’s best interest will always come first.


Caminez & Yeary P.A. was originally founded in 1972 by attorney Jon Caminez. Mr. Caminez earned his law degree from the University of North Carolina. He began his legal career working for the United States Department of Justice. After gaining trial experience working for the Department of Justice, Mr. Caminez entered private practice.

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When Mr. Caminez first founded the firm it was headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Like many young lawyers beginning their own law practice, Mr. Caminez would accept any client that could walk in the door. This allowed him to practice in many different areas of law including criminal, business litigation and personal injury. It was during these early years that Mr. Caminez grew an affinity for representing injured people that needed help. As he would often say, he was “in the business of helping people.” By 1974 the practice’s focus was on personal injury law and the firm began to grow.

Mr. Caminez quickly grew a reputation for taking cases to trial when his clients were not offered a fair settlement. He took on large corporations including the Buckeye Plant in Perry, Florida, Walmart, Lowe’s, and many other Fortune 500 companies. Despite gaining notoriety throughout North Florida for his success in the courtroom, he continued to put forth the same effort on every case – whether big or small – that he did when he first started. He understood that each case is important to the client involved and that he, as their attorney, should treat it that way.   This is a standard that the firm still adheres to today.

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By the early 1980’s, Mr. Caminez was expanding his practice beyond Leon County and into the counties surrounding Tallahassee. It began with people in need of an attorney coming to his residence in Monticello, Florida, for legal advice. He decided to open an office in Monticello to better service clients in Jefferson County, Madison County, Wakulla County and Taylor County. As the practice expanded in these areas, the firm’s headquarters migrated to Monticello.

The firm now operates two offices – one in Monticello and one in Tallahassee – allowing accident victims throughout the Big Bend easier access to legal representation. Over the years the practice has evolved from a one-man show to law firm with multiple attorneys working towards a common goal – helping injured people. Mr. Caminez has maintained a loyal staff over the years that paralegal Shannon Brown. They combine for 35 years of experience of assisting personal injury victims. The firm has continued to evolve with the times and utilizes the latest technology in representing its clients.

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Mr. Caminez first met attorney Ryan Yeary while he was working for a Tallahassee firm representing insurance companies. The two individuals litigated many cases against one another over the years including one that ended in a jury trial. After gaining respect for each other and the manner in which they practiced law, Mr. Yeary was invited to join the firm in 2016 as a Tallahassee Personal Injury Lawyer. The addition brought something new to the law firm that it never had in its 44-year history – an insider’s view of how insurance companies evaluate and defend claims. This new insight allowed the firm to further enhance its representation of injury victims.

Mr. Caminez passed away in September 2016. He left behind a legacy of providing diligent legal representation to injury victims through hard work and focusing on the client’s needs, not those of the attorney. The current members of the firm work every day to continue the legacy left by Mr. Caminez.