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Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents

Personal Injury Attorneys

Slip/Trip and Fall accidents are very common. They make up a large portion of the premises liability cases we handle at Caminez & Yeary. While some falls may cause no injury, other falls can result in surgery, paralysis or even death. These injuries can result in medical bills piling up, missed time from work, and also the inconvenience, pain and suffering you endure because of someone else’s negligent behavior.

Florida law applies various burdens upon the claimant when it comes to proving their slip/trip and fall case. For instance, if the dangerous condition is considered a transitory foreign substance – such as a banana peel or spilled water – the claimant has the burden to prove that the property owner had actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition. A competent attorney can help guide you through the legal hurdles and develop your claim into one that the insurance company will have no choice but to pay.

It is because of these legal nuances that it is imperative that you meet with an attorney to determine your legal rights. Moreover, corporate retention policies can lead to the destruction of critical evidence in your case if the company is not instructed to preserve the evidence in a timely manner. So, if you or a loved one has been injured in a slip/trip and fall accident, call the attorneys at Caminez & Yeary today to see how we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.