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Trucking Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyer

The number of large trucks – commonly referred to as semi-trucks or tractor-trailers – has increased over the years. It has been estimated that nearly 70% of all consumer goods are delivered by semi-trucks. These trucks typically stretch more than 70 feet and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Given the massive size of these vehicles, it is easy to see the serious danger they pose to other vehicles on the roadways. It’s also easy to understand how a (massive) truck can cause serious injuries or death when it is operated in a careless or negligent manner.

Both Federal and Florida laws regulate the operation of semi-trucks. These laws require strict compliance with regards to the number of hours a driver can operate a semi-truck, the gross weight of the truck, and many other factors that can cause or contribute to an accident. Failure to comply with these requirements can create additional liability on the part of a negligent driver and his employer. Moreover, with ever-changing technological advances in the transportation industry, trucks are now equipped with devices that can monitor and record critical information such as the speed of the truck. This information can be vital in a lawsuit against a trucking company. However, much of this information may legally be destroyed, or purged, after a very short period of time. Immediately hiring an attorney is an important step to assure that all essential evidence from your accident is properly preserved.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a large truck – semi-tractor trailer or otherwise – contact the truck accident attorneys at Caminez & Yeary to set up a free consultation to see we can protect your rights, preserve the relevant evidence, and get you the compensation you deserve.